Are you looking for some help and guidance to modify your dog’s behaviour?

My experience with dogs has taught me that it’s easier to get a dog to do something positive than it is to prevent them doing something negative. My training groups focus on motivation for both the owner and the dog. Once the dog and owner are sufficiently motivated, and are beginning to work together, I then teach the owner how to shape the behaviour into something more compatible with the their expectations.

I strongly believe that dog training should be fun. Many owners do not have any great expectations for their dogs, in the way of competition work, so sessions should be light hearted, motivational and enjoyable for both dog and owner. Put simply, if both dog and owner enjoy the experience a positive outcome is easier to achieve.

“Dog ownership should be a pleasure, if it’s not you need professional help.”

It is vitally important to choose the best training and behavioural support you can to ensure you are given the most appropriate and up to date advice. This can only be achieved by choosing a trainer and or behaviourist that is qualified by one of the major agencies in the U.K.

As a Master trainer with the Guild of Dog Trainers and an Associate of the Canine and Feline behaviour Association I can assure you that the advice given is relevant, practical and effective. With 10 training courses on offer at the school I can provide any dog and any owner with an appropriate means of achieving their goal, through education, engagement and perhaps more importantly relationship building exercises.

You can have all the expectations you want when you buy a dog, but if you don’t build a positive relationship with your dog you can never predict the outcome.” Joe Astre.
 My dog training specialist services include:
  • Conventional  training classes for dogs of all ages.
  • Behavioural  training classes for dogs of all ages.
  • Puppy classes.
  • Home start programmes for pups and owners.
  • One to one training.
  • Home evaluations.
  • Behaviour modification advice.
  • Structured behaviour modification programmes, for all inappropriate behaviours.
Qualified Behavioural Services

All aspects of inappropriate behaviour, assessed and practical advice given.
Behavioural Qualifications gained with the University of Middlesex And The Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour and training.

Joe Astre. MGoDT. MT. Dip. ACPB. ACFBA

My association with dogs spans some 5 decades, during that period to the present day I have owned and currently own numerous dogs. The three latest additions are rescue dogs. These animals were deemed ineligible for re- homing so as such their fate had been sealed, simply put, if I had not re-homed them they would eventually have been euthanised.

My work with one of the largest rescue agencies for several years gives me a unique insight into rescue dogs and their specialist needs. I have bred dogs, shown dogs in the breed ring, and trained thousands of dogs and helped a similar number of people to resolve behavioural issues with their dogs.

My training sessions at whatever level focus on your ability to communicate with your dog in a way the dog understands and will teach you how to build a relationship with your dog through engagement, movement and motivation.

All sessions are outdoors in all weathers working on a simple premise that you teach the dog how to engage and respond in the environment that eventually you will be taking them which is hopefully outdoors.