Annie our 21 week old Labrador has just completed the 6 week association programme with Joe. She is now well on the way to being a lovely well behaved dog that we can be confident in walking alongside us and returning to our side on recall and ignoring the distractions around her..perfect for what we wanted! I certainly recommend Joe. If you stick to his principals it all clicks into place and Annie is now fitting into our lives perfectly. Thanks Joe

John Ettinger

I have had the pleasure of joining Joe’s dog training classes with my eight month old cocker spaniel jasper. Joe is one of the best trainers I have come across he not only tells you where you and your dog are going wrong but shows you how to correct the behavior. And more often than not it is not the dogs fault it is mine because of not knowing how to handle the situation. I have had dogs all my life and always done the training with them but Joe is the first trainer that explains why and how I am going wrong everything he tells you works if you just keep practicing we have a long way to go but I feel that I one day will have a well adjusted dog who I can be proud of. As Jasper is my best mate and I just want the best for him

Christine Brennan

We have been going with our dog for approx. 8weeks,at first I couldn’t see any difference in his behaviour then Joe showed me how to get his attention and were I was going wrong Joe is very good at what he does and says it how it is. -(no sugar coating) and its usually me doing it wrong and not Jax,
We have been to a few other training places but I’ve got to say we are seeing results slowly but we are both learning
Thank you Joe for your patience

Julie and Jax

We have just completed the 6 week associated course designed by Joe to help your dog achieve more exposure with other dogs and people. This course has been a huuuuuuge help!Joe has helped transform Apollo from a dog who didn’t listen and would pull massively on a walk into a calm, attentive boy who no longer pulls and handles situations much better than when we adopted him 8 weeks ago. I can’t recommend this course enough for anyone who has any problems with their dog. Joe gives you the tools to take away from the class and use at home. Plus he’s a lovely bloke too! Cheers for everything Joe! Andy, Emma, Apollo

Andy Syres

Fantastic introduction by Joe to understanding Oscar 10 months old Black lab pup who has power new regime in place and working already looking forward to start the foundation class on Sunday.

Paula Tynan

Joe came to help us with our 9 week old pup hector and was really helpful. Gave us reassurance that some things we were doing was ok. Practicing everything he has taught us and is working!!! We will deffo start the puppy classes when hector is old enough. Thanks Joe you were fantastic!!!!

Natasha Lindo

We have tired several dog classes that haven’t worked to our standard, we searched the Internet and came across Joe- he was the only trainer we were fully confident in and fully trusted. After attending several Sunday’s he gave us lots of advice on training our Cavapoo and were we were going wrong. Well worth getting up early on a Sunday, we can now walk around the park without having to walk the other way if a dog is in sight. Well recommended!

Lisa Cain

Joe has been great. He has helped me understand my dog and her issues. I have been attending Joe’s classes each weekend since February and my dog Lucy has improved a huge amount. I will continue to attend his classes until I’m 100% confident I can deal with any situation with her. I have been recommending Joe’s classes to a number of people and will continue to do so. Thanks Joe for all your help.

Lyyne Ellison

Joe was recommended to us as our 4 year old Bichon (Milo) was becoming increasingly aggressive to people coming into our home. He had bitten several family members and friends and we couldn’t control his behaviour. We knew that we needed to do something. Joe came out to us and conducted a thorough assessment of Milo’s behaviour, routine and environment. He taught us how to control his overall behaviour and how to engage meaningfully with him. The techniques that Joe has taught us mean that we no longer panic when someone knocks at the door. We now understand that Milo just isn’t the type of dog who likes people coming into his space, but we’re now able to keep him calm and under control when we have people over. We’ve also been attending the Saturday morning class to maintain Milo’s training and to improve the relationship we have with him. We couldn’t recommend Joe highly enough, he really knows his stuff and the improvement in Milo is remarkable. Thanks Joe!

Michelle Tilley

My rescue cocker, Alfie, and I have been coming to Joe for 2 & a half years due to his issues with just about everything and everyone. Joe has helped me build a stronger relationship with Alfie. It has taken a lot of hard work, dedication and most importantly, patience. There have been a lot of ups and downs but I am so grateful Joe is always there to give honest supportive advice, even if it is 10pm on a Saturday evening! Being around other owners at the classes and hearing their stories helps to appreciate that we are not alone. I know that we will be attending for years to come (or at least until Joe retires !) as there is always weeerrrkkk to be done! Thanks Joe x

Natalie Harper